Symphony of Illusions: Current exhibition

Flávia Junqueira

June 10 - July 8, 2023
Exhibition in collaboration with VOSS Gallery, Düsseldorf.

Flávia Junqueira introduces us to scenes where the real and the fictional, the physical and the allegorical, the present and the past, the adult and the child, are brought together; where history becomes a memory. She creates whimsical and festive fantasy landscapes where we are immersed in the distant landscape of national culture, feel the weight of history and listen to the silence of the past. The balloons in her works are the performers who take the stage wherever the stage is, be it the street or the sky.

Real and surreal spaces house invented images that traverse the dimension of the childlike, the dream and the fantasy. Filled with the "memory of things", they create a universe of their own - flexible, mobile, unfoldable.

Freud asks whether we should not look for the first traces of the imaginative faculty in childhood. In "Creative Writers and Daydreams", the founder of psychoanalysis brings play close to the inventiveness of artists and writers. Flávia Junqueira's work has this poetic dimension of the child's imagination. It includes the dimension of humour and flirtation with the indomitable and the beauty that oscillates in the images.

Psychoanalysis has denaturalised the discourses on language and childhood, and with the help of art we can perceive "how a society dreams up its childhood". Flávia Junqueira's work focuses on this point because, in the final analysis, it is always about the childlike: what remains of the childhood experience as an imprint in the subject, that is, what remains as a matrix for the rest of life.

Text: Bianca Coutinho



May 16, 2023