• Paul Setúbal: Ouroboros

    Paul Setúbal: Ouroboros

  • Finok: Pitanga

    Finok: Pitanga

  • Flávia Junqueira: Liceu Opera Barcelona

    Flávia Junqueira: Liceu Opera Barcelona

  • Juan Miguel Quiñones: Game Boy

    Juan Miguel Quiñones: Game Boy

  • Dora Smék: a dança do corpo sem cabeça

    Dora Smék: a dança do corpo sem cabeça

  • Gihan Tubbeh: De Tiempo en Tiempo un Volcán Estalla / Verbros de Piedra

    Gihan Tubbeh: De Tiempo en Tiempo un Volcán Estalla / Verbros de Piedra

  • Upcoming Art Fairs

    Swab Barcelona 2023
    Mulambö | Solo Show |, October 5 - 8, 2023
    © Mulambö. Ponta de Lança, 2023

    Mulambö | Solo Show |

    October 5 - 8, 2023

    Born João and raised Mulambö in Praia da Vila, Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro. In his works, Mulambö uses symbols and materials from everyday life in the search for a re-foundation of the narratives that surround the manifestations of the people. Soccer, carnival, his family, and the stories that built the ground where he lives emerge in his works, through paintings, objects, flags, and installations, reinforcing the idea that "there is no museum in the world like our grandmother's house".


  • Estampa Madrid 2023


  • AKAA Paris 2023
  • Gihan Tubbeh

    New artist collaboration
    Gihan Tubbeh, New artist collaboration
    © Gihan Tubbeh. "Humo rosa", 2019. Archival pigment print on cotton paper.

    Gihan Tubbeh

    New artist collaboration
    Gihan Tubbeh's (b. Lima, Peru, 1984) work revolves around the poetics of time in relation to the territory; a poetic archeology in search for hidden signs and rhythms engraved on the landscape. Her images intend to capture the echoes of something immeasurably larger than our footprints in the landscape. The rumor of an indecipherable codified language; a secret writing that sometimes allow harmonies to emerge. Triggered by impossible questions, 
    Gihan exposes signs and enigmas, with no explicit narratives in search of a vocabulary closer to poetry and music than to visual references. Nature speaks as an eruption of being. Inherent to nature and imprinted in the landscape, violence is a force before all, a vehicle between death and new life. A mythical terrain that reminds us, that nature acts as a mother who creates everything and destroys everything.

    Her work has earned international recognition, including 1st prize awards from World Press Photo, POYI-Lat Pictures of the Year International (Latin-American Photographer of the Year), Magnum Foundation Grantee, 1st prize of Premio Pampa Energía FOLA, among others.
    Member of Women Photograph and The Journal Collective, Gihan is currently part of the nominating committee and jury of the Joop Swart Masterclass and 6x6 Talent Program of the World Press Photo. Gihan regularly conducts workshops for local and international photographers throughout Latin American Photography festivals, competitions, and other events.
  • Gallery

    Founded in Marbella, southern Spain, in 2019, Reiners Contemporary Art has since its inception promoted contemporary art with a special focus on the work of Brazilian, German and, more recently, Andalusian artists. With this orientation, Reiners establishes itself as a gallery specialising in Latin American and German art.

    The gallery focuses especially on artists whose practice addresses issues such as cultural identity and social, historical and political concerns, facilitating multicultural dialogue between Europe and Latin America.

    Set in a house surrounded by greenery on an estate, the new gallery space in the heart of Marbella is conceived as a place dedicated to fostering the development of the artists represented by Reiners and giving visibility to the projects. The artist-in-residence and curated exhibition programmes reaffirm the gallery's commitment to the development of artists and the insertion of their work both in the European market and in international institutions.

    The city of Marbella, on the Costa del Sol, has a rich cultural heritage. Characterised by the clash of cultures in a region inhabited since prehistoric times by Phoenician, Punic and Roman settlements, with later Visigothic, Byzantine and Muslim presence, the city is situated in a key region in the history of the Mediterranean.

    From the 1950s onwards, tourism took off in Marbella. Its proximity to the African continent makes it an important point of intercontinental connection and trade.

  • Past Exhibitions

    Reiners Contemporary Art, in its early years, developed an intensive programme of exhibitions aimed at strengthening the links between Brazilian, German and Spanish artists. This effort resulted in solo and group exhibitions focusing on the social and political dimension of contemporary artistic practices in the context of global grammars. The languages of painting, photography and sculpture have been at the forefront of his agenda, with a special predilection for exquisite surfaces and the sharpness of the narratives contained in them. Its thematic concerns have been strongly linked to the guiding statements of contemporary aesthetic debate. Issues related to post-colonial theory, queer narratives, the corporeal as a definition of the political-interpellant, feminist interrogation, baroque theatricality and the questioning of the statutes of truth as a fabricated construction, have constituted the fundamental nuclei of Reiners Contemporary Art exhibition proposal.


    Only Photos | Group Show | Claudia Rogge, Flávia Junqueira, Owanto, Rossel Messenger, Iwajla Klinke, Kay Kaul
    Sali Muller - Espejito, Espejito

    Frank Bauer - The Serenity of Things

    Young Poets | Group Show | Karla Zipfel, Thomas Liu Le Lann, Carlos Enfedaque.

    Lívia Marin - Sobre todas las cosas
    Cuerpos atravesados  | Group Show | Claudia Rogge, Paul Setubal, Dora Smek, Flávia Junqueira
    Idowu Oluwaseun - Revolutions Per Minute - Side B


    Iwajla Klinke
    Dieter Nur - Paintings

    Fábio Baroli - Selva Mata

    Sandra Ackermann - Escápate a tu realidad


    Claudia Rogge - Cuerpo y escena

    Stephan Kaluza - Transit I

    Corrado Zeni - Nosotros

    Quiñones and Flávia Junqueira - Cuentos

    Christian Bazant- Hegemark - Don't leave me

    Francesca Martí - Ellipse

    Marco Zumbe - Welcome to the jungle

    I. Zumbe - Welcome to the jungle