Founded in Marbella, southern Spain, in 2019, Reiners Contemporary Art has since its inception promoted contemporary art with a special focus on the work of Brazilian, German and, more recently, Andalusian artists. With this orientation, Reiners establishes itself as a gallery specialising in Latin American and German art.

The gallery focuses especially on artists whose practice addresses issues such as cultural identity and social, historical and political concerns, facilitating multicultural dialogue between Europe and Latin America.


Our New Gallery SPACE to Open this Fall in MARBELLA

Set in a country house surrounded by greenery on an estate, the new gallery space in the heart of Marbella is conceived as a place dedicated to fostering the development of the artists represented by Reiners and giving visibility to the projects. The artist-in-residence and curated exhibition programmes reaffirm the gallery's commitment to the development of artists and the insertion of their work both in the European market and in international institutions.

The city of Marbella, on the Costa del Sol, has a rich cultural heritage. Characterised by the clash of cultures in a region inhabited since prehistoric times by Phoenician, Punic and Roman settlements, with later Visigothic, Byzantine and Muslim presence, the city is situated in a key region in the history of the Mediterranean.

From the 1950s onwards, tourism took off in Marbella. Its proximity to the African continent makes it an important point of intercontinental connection and trade.