Founded in Marbella, southern Spain, in 2019, Reiners Contemporary Art has been committed from its inception to promoting contemporary art, with a particular focus on outstanding artists from Brazil, Germany, and Afro-descendants. Directed by its Brazilian-born founder, Flor Reiners, the gallery's programming is divided between a dynamic exhibition schedule and participation in international art fairs, ensuring the exposure of artists in the European market and international institutions.

In 2024, coinciding with its fifth anniversary, the gallery inaugurates a new venue in Marbella. Located on an estate surrounded by greenery, the new gallery space is conceived as an environment dedicated to the development of artists and the promotion of their projects, providing art with a natural setting and offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in an exceptional experience.

"Our evolution has brought us back to nature, surrounded by serene green landscapes. Located on a finca, in beautiful Marbella, we champion quiet above chaos. Providing art the environment it deserves and offering visitors the chance to revel in a layered sensory experience. 


As a gallery we continue to espouse all things noble and pure, to celebrate both the subtle and the contemporary. We thoughtfully bring the poetry and art of Brazil to Europe for those who are in search of new and exciting works that stimulate the senses and inspire the mind. Our dedication to our artists, and their projects, remains unwavering. Our commitment to ensuring them the exposure and recognition they deserve, constant."