• AKAA Paris 2023

    Upcoming participation in collaboration with VOSS Gallery (DE).
  • Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2023

    Unfolding Her Story
    Carla Hayes
  • AKAA Paris 2022

    October 21–23, 2022

    In cooperation with Galerie Voss

    Éder Oliveira 

    Solo Show

  • Estampa 2022

    October 10–16, 2022 Roberta Lobeira, Éder Oliveira, Flávia Junqueira, Finok, Aire Calderón, Juan Miguel Quiñones, Carla Hayes, Harding Meyer
  • Estampa 2021

    October 21–24, 2021

    If walls could talk

    Harding Meyer, Roberta Lobeira, Frank Bauer, Sali Muller, Flávia Junqueira, Juan Miguel Quiñones

  • Urvanity 2022

    February 24–27, 2022
    Flávia Junqueira. Fábio Baroli, Frank Bauer, Iwajla Klinke, Juan Miguel Quiñones
  • Urvanity 2021

    May 27–30, 2021

    La Belle Époque Tropical

    Flávia Junqueira
    Solo Show – Booth 8

    Flávia Junqueira interprets historical scenarios or natural landscapes with a strong symbolic and cultural charge based on high doses of theatricality and childhood memories.

    Old School

    Juan Miguel Quiñones
    Solo Show – Booth 1

    Juan Miguel Quiñones is one of the young contemporary Spanish sculptors who works with marble, recovering techniques that have been valued in ancient times, but have now disappeared.The sculptures are made with the ancient hard stone technique, a Renaissance technique at its peak during the later years of this era. The work consists of the inlay of semiprecious stones within the marble, as well as, the so-called polychrome tableroes of the great European palace tables.

  • Art Karlsruhe 2020

    February 13-16, 2020
    Fabio Baroli, Eder Oliveira, Flavia Junqueira, Stephan Kaluza, Juan Miguel Quiñones, Christian Bazant-Regenmark